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Dream Into Moss

Dream into Moss - Ode to Moss Magpahi
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Dream Into Moss is an ode to an ancient plant which has made it's presence felt in the Calderdale Valley over many thousands of years. Artists Alison Cooper, Anna FC Smith and Helen Mather translated the groups text, imagery and sonic landscape into a poetic installation of transcendental music and printed lyrics  opening up a space where people can fall in love with moss.

The project was initially inspired by the rich history and presence of working-class botanists and plant specialists from Calderdale spanning the last 300 years. Through walks, discussions, climate and plant expert conversations and creative activities the groups discussed climate issues relevant to the community and sought inspiration from the local environment. The heritage of the botanical experts from the area also became a discussion point, looking at how everyday people became enthused in an extraordinary field of research.

Together visual and sonic responses were developed which explored moss, it's cycle of rebirth after the devastating effects of the industrial revolution and the support it can mitigate for the future against flooding and air pollution.

The groups felt that you notice and care for what you love and so wanted to communicate the urge to care through their work. Alison Cooper translated visual elements and poetry into an immersive song cycle, using analogue tape loops to reflect the fragility of cycles we see in nature. Artists Helen and Anna produced the final visual products from the groups work as three large scale hand printed textile banners.

The project was comissioned by Hebden Bridge Arts as part of Open Space 70 Festival.

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