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'Weird As Folk' at The Portico Library

The Boggart Song (The Portico Library Edition)Magpahi (Alison Cooper)
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In collaboration with The Portico Library a new song has been composed and recorded to the traditional lyrics of 'The Boggart'. A song with it's roots deeply embeded in Manchester as it talks about Farmer Bell and the mysterious goings on at Boggart Hole Clough. A Boggart is a supernatural being from the North of England falling into both folklore and dialect of the area. Listen to the song individually or as part of a play list curated to accompany the show.

The song is part of a wider exhibition and project at the Portico Library in central Manchester running from the 4th July - 2nd November 2024. Working as a 'critical friend' to the project I was invited to look explore the library collection and select texts for the exhibition, as well as writing interpretation labels.

The Weird As Folk exhibition invites you to wander through the mysteries of the Folklore collection at The Portico Library and reimagine what folklore means to you. The project has ventured across the Northwest, delved deep into the cloughs and unearthed Folk treasures. From centuries-old boots found concealed in chimneys, to witch-bottles and dastardly boggarts. The exhibition invites you to explore the hidden histories displayed within the volumes from their Folklore collection

Weird As Folk is forged from the desire to spark the curiosity and contribution of audiences everywhere. Folklore is made by us all:, it is what we do, make, and say everyday.


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