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House of Octaversilia Soundscape

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These delicate soundscapes were created alongside the artists collective InsdieOutsideHouse during their four week residency as part of the British Ceramic Biennial. The final result of the residency was multi layered sculptual installation dispalyed at AirSpace Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent. To accompany the installation three layers of sonic interpretation were created by working in partnership with past and present residents of the area.

The name Octaversilia is a name invented and derived from two imagined cities (Octavia and Ersilia) found in Italo Calvino's text from the novel Invisble Cities. The whole installation drew from these texts as a focal point. Enabling the re-use, reclaiming and re-imagining of the materials held around us in the eveyday. Looking at themes of recovery, respite and refuge, alchemical processes, a space for encounter, the future city.

A day of audio recording, capturing conversations of memories, hopes, desires and dreams of local residents gave a starting point to the three sonic interpretations. A soundscape was then created to weave alongside the installation, voice and narratives. The process throughout the residency, putting sonic lived experiences centre stage.

Three elements (Air, Earth and Water) are represented in the audio landscape and can be listened to via the links above.

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